I’m a young American woman in college.  This is my (anonymous) journal of sorts.  I plan on updating every day of the year, telling you day-by-day what’s happening in my life.  The goal is to be able to examine my own life and feelings, and to write about them in an interesting way.

Check out this introductory post I wrote about myself – it should tell you everything you ever wanted to know, and a few things you didn’t:


Here’s me in more detail on eccentricity and romantic relationships:


Here’s me in more detail on politics:


Here’s me in more detail on why I write:


Here’s me in more detail on daydreams, delusions, imagination, and self defense mechanisms:


Here’s me in more detail on psychic connections, reincarnation, and John Lennon:


And this one’s for all you suicidal teenagers out there – a message of sorts to my past self:


My avatar credit goes to Chris Bonney, whose artwork is absolutely drop-dead beautiful. Go check it out.  Other favorite artists of mine at the moment include “Oni” on hitrecord, Kubo Tite, Chandra Free, and Loui Jover.  My Modern Met and Beautiful Bizarre are my current favorite art periodicals.

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