Today was a good day.

I wasn’t anxious today.  Fiction writing class went well.  So did my meeting with disability support services about accommodations for my bipolar disorder.

I got lots of glorious story-writing done, I got to the bus stop just as the bus was pulling up, and when I got home a friend came over and me, the friend, and my sister all had pizza and brownies and watched funny videos on YouTube.

Lots of people are liking my latest posted fanfiction, I get to sleep in tomorrow, and life is good.

I feel SUPER lazy right now.  I’m in bed and it’s not even bedtime.  I was going to practice guitar today, but I think I’m just going to practice a lot alongside homework over the weekend.

Random thought of the moment: Since I’m writing Harry Potter fanfiction right now, I’ve got to admit, I’m really ready for Pottermore’s Patronus quiz to come out and then for that quiz to be ridiculously overanalyzed.  Because, like, I need this to happen for story writing purposes?  Also I’m dying to know what my own Patronus is?