I was busy today.  I got up at 6 AM and I haven’t stopped since.

I went through three classes, two classes’ worth of homework, and I wrote 3 brand new chapters in my latest Harry Potter fanfic.  I also went grocery shopping with my sister.

I’ve joined the National Society of Leadership and Success.  They’ve invited me to be a member, and I accepted and paid.  Supposedly they’ll help me find jobs.  I’ve got good grades, an internship under my belt, a business minor, and a membership with a national honors society who can write me letters of recommendation.

I’ve done all I can to get a good job as an English major.

One embarrassing thing did happen today.  I had to leave my last class early because of a panic attack.  I tried to tell the teacher quietly, but he didn’t get the the hint, so I ended up having to announce it to the entire class.  It was pretty humiliating.

Tomorrow I finally get back into music lessons, but that should be fun and other than that tomorrow won’t be too hectic.  And then it’s almost the weekend!