I slept in today, like a boss.

Then I mostly spent the rest of the day on social media and writing.  I had a pajama day today and it was pretty glorious.

My current writing project is a Harry Potter Alternate Universe Childhood fanfic, and it’s got me very happy.

I do really have to do homework tomorrow, though.

It’s nice seeing my family.  My Mom and Dad are pretty spectacular people.  Three day weekends at Mom and Dad’s house are things I actually look forward to.

I did text back and forth some with me and my sister’s new friend, but he kept flirting with us and texting us a million times a day – when he’s only been in contact with us for about a day – and finally I told him as politely as I could that this was slightly uncomfortable and he needed to back off.

I haven’t heard from him since.  If his little ego couldn’t handle that, fuck him.  I made it clear that closer friendship will come with time.