I got a good night’s sleep last night, and had coffee, a granola bar, and a water this morning.  I also spent some fun time writing.  I’ve been trying to take better care of myself.

Me and my classmates stood outside our Fiction Writing classroom door for ten minutes before someone thought to check the classroom and found it empty.  I wasn’t angry, mostly just amused.  We talked more about retold fairy tales in class, relentlessly overanalyzing different artistic choices on the part of various authors.

I got a Starbucks treat and bought my final textbook on campus in celebration of finally reaching the end of the week.

Then I hung out downtown with my sister and a friend for a while.  We got something to eat at an alehouse and spent some time at a pub and coffee place.

I now have my Bleach fanfic posted up on two different fanfiction sites, and so far eleven people and counting really like my writing.  I didn’t get much writing done today, though – too busy having a social life.

Oh well.  Maybe I’ll do some later.