I got up insanely early to go to class this morning.  My sister went with me so I felt less anxious.  This was my big day.  But it ended up being a good day and I like how it went.  I slept well last night and so was well-rested today.  I feel more confident in myself this semester now.

My first class was a lecture-based business class on pricing strategy.

I got a breakfast burrito and did some writing in between classes.

In my literature and film class, we watched a documentary on film noir.

My contemporary fiction reading class is discussion based.  We delved today into post-World War II Britain.

After my classes were over for the day, I had some espresso and did some more writing in the commons.  (I’m four chapters into my current Bleach fanfic and they’re all posted on Ao3.)  I also texted a friend about my current stress and mood swing issues – she was very understanding.  She, me, and my sister are all going to hang out tomorrow after classes on a Friday afternoon.

I had a freakout over a bee on the way home.  A nice nearby older lady was very understanding.  She swatted at the bee for me, saying she feels the same way about snakes.

I ordered some new meds for pharmacy pickup back at home, and that’s me done for the day.

I’m relaxing with some music and Netflix at home right now.  I just finished Jane Eyre and am plunging into Good Will Hunting.  Dinner later should be a warm plate of shepherd’s pie.