First day of classes for the fall 2016 semester today.

I story-wrote a lot in the morning before my first class.  There was a bunch of car chaos on the bus ride to campus.  The bus driver joked with me: “Welcome back to school.”

Here’s where things get wonky.  So, on one school website it told me to go to a certain classroom for my first class.  Me and another girl went there.  We were sitting there till ten minutes after class started, before it occurred to us to check another website.  On that website, it said to meet in a totally different room in a totally different building.

So we went there, and guess what?  Everyone else was there.  And we got to walk in late.  Everyone turned to look at us and the teacher greeted us somewhat sarcastically.  We told the teacher what had happened and she excused us.

It was my intermediate fiction writing class, the only class I had that day, and we spent the period talking about mythology, fables, and fairy tales.  We’re each going to have to retell a fairy tale in our own words – put a new perspective or twist on it, that kind of thing.  The assignment is due, after a bunch of retold fairy tale readings, on September 16th.

I’m thinking of writing from Persephone’s perspective on the mythological story between her and Hades.

After class, I found the routes to all my other supposed classrooms for tomorrow, actually cross-referencing multiple websites this time so I was sure I had the right classrooms.

Then I relaxed with a cup of coffee bought on campus, in a quiet little corner of the commons.  I called my Mom to tell her how my first day had gone, and did some more story-writing on my laptop, which I always bring to school with me.

I did most of my homework there on campus, then took the bus ride home and did the rest of the homework at home.  It was just reading a bunch of short stories, not that hard.  I have a schedule all set for how I’m going to be doing homework for the semester without going insane, so that’s nice.  Here’s the plan:

  • I always have some down time before I start homework, time in which to do something I enjoy.
  • I always have something enjoyable planned after the homework.
  • I have four classes, so I do two classes’ worth of homework on Mon/Wed and two classes’ worth of homework on Tues.
  • Thursdays and Fridays I have off.  Then I do that homework over the weekend when I have more time.

I’m going to wait for music practice until we start lessons again on Wednesday.  Now that me and my sister know which musical parts we’re going to be playing and are having separate lessons, I want to wait and see what Doc has planned for me before I practice anything further.

After that I’ll just make music practice a small, regular part of my everyday school homework.

It’s also been a damn crazy week, and I still have three more new classes tomorrow (with breaks in between) so I think I can be excused for not doing music practice for one week.

I finally snacked and ate something around five o’clock in the afternoon, curling up in an armchair in the living room at home.  I traded school stories with my sister and texted a friend.

I even called Time Warner technical support and fixed our Internet, which had so far been pretty glitchy.

In short, some challenges were thrown my way, but I won at life today and I’m proud of myself.

Now I gotta get up at 6 AM tomorrow morning for class.  T/R classes should be fun just for that reason alone!  (Not.)