I slept in a healthy amount and had morning coffee before jumping into the fray again.

I spent a large part of the day unpacking the kitchen and doing laundry.  Most of it was done on my own.  There was no air conditioning while I was doing any part of it, because we don’t have air conditioning in our apartment.

I am all prepared for school – alarm set and backpack ready with schedule and everything – and I am tired.

On the plus side, my clothes are all clean, the kitchen looks like some semblance of a kitchen, the rest of the apartment is all set up and unpacked, and I (probably) won’t have a nervous breakdown tomorrow on the first day of classes.

I did get some story writing done today, for my fem Ichigo story for the Bleach manga.  That’s probably what I’ll be working on, trying to relax, for the rest of the evening.

Dinner and kitchen cleanup should be pretty easy tonight.