So tired.

I had breakfast this morning and got some sleep, so that helped.

We drove back to our college town and got a brief lunch.

Then we spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking the storage unit.  We threw packing shit away when we were through with it.  I’m basically all unpacked into my new place.

We snacked at the mall at 7:30 at night while going necessities shopping.  Then we put everything away when we got back to the new apartment.

We set up wifi and electronics.  Mom and Dad drove back to their place at about 9:00 at night.

My sister and I are now officially up and running in our new college apartment – food stocked, Internet working (obviously), and everything – with just a few things left to unpack and some menial chores to do tomorrow.

Tomorrow should be a nice, relaxing day around the apartment.

I’ve started another writing project, like I don’t already have enough ideas.  This fanfic is for Bleach.  It’s a female Kurosaki Ichigo story.

I was inspired to re-watch the anime after I found out the manga was canceled and had a frankly shitty ending.  I actually like the anime ending better now.  I think the shitty manga ending was on purpose, a sort of passive aggressive way of getting back at Shounen Jump.  I’m not even angry, I’m just amused.

Let me know, through a like or a comment, if you’re interested in me posting chapter one of my fem Ichigo story once I’ve finished with it.