I did this entire day on three hours of sleep, the second day of my period, and one meal:

We woke up really early.  I was red-eyed, pale, and stomach-sick.

We made tuition payments online, and then packed up for the drive back to our college town.

We drove to the college town, an hour and a half away, and made it to our new two-bedroom apartment, the one me and my sister will be sharing.  It is a very nice place, aside from the thumping, screechy washer and dryer.  But hey, we have a washer and dryer inside the apartment, so no complaining.  We got our keys from the landlords and set all our immediately important stuff down in the center of the apartment.

We did a walk-through inspection, looking for damages.

Then we went out to do school-related stuff, getting textbooks, signing stupid little fucking pieces of paper, that sort of thing.  Getting textbooks was a chore.  The clerk checking us out couldn’t find my order.  It took her fifteen minutes to realize she’d already stumbled over it three times.

We finally had lunch at three o’clock in the afternoon, at an Italian place.

Stopped by Bed Bath and Beyond for apartment necessities, and then went to the nearby storage unit to begin the long process of hauling all our stuff back and forth into our new place.  That took until about nine o’clock at night.

We still weren’t done by that point, so we just said, “Fuck it,” and went back to Mom and Dad’s house for the night.

We’ll sleep in a little tomorrow morning – because by God I need it – and then head back out to do one more drive to the college town.  We’ll finish hauling stuff from the storage unit, and unpacking and settling the apartment.  Then we’ll stock up our kitchen with groceries.  Mom and Dad will at that point part ways with us, to go back to their place.

We’ll have one day’s grace period to relax, recover, and do menial chores before we start school.