Sorry you haven’t heard much from me today.  I’m about to explain why.

We finally got the textbook money from my grandfather… aaand the power went out.  Eventually the power came back on, and the Internet didn’t, because Time Warner decided today would be a lovely time to upgrade our neighborhood’s system, at 1 in the afternoon on a weekday.

So my Mom called Time Warner and got some guy from India, and he told her what was going on, and she got so angry that our Internet was back on less than two hours later.  I think she scared the shit out of the company.  Kept threatening to cancel service.  Let me clarify: she didn’t yell at the Indian guy personally, but she did make it clear that she was very upset with the company he was representing.

So magically our Internet was turned back on, and we finally got to do school stuff.  We’ve looked up billing statements, financial aid awards letters, and in a little while we’ll be setting up payment plans.  We also ordered textbooks, and the university bookstore website was so overloaded that we had to call and place my textbook order by phone.

Textbooks will be ready for me for pickup tomorrow, which is when we drive back to our college town.  Mom and Dad have three days to help us pick up textbooks and school materials, and move into our new apartment, before school starts.

Three days is plenty of time, so I’m not too worried.  Classes are scheduled, textbooks are ordered, financial aid is applied, apartment has been paid for.

The important stuff is now out of the way with.  And the Internet is back!

I’ve been experiencing lots of period pain all day – my periods really hurt because of a gynecological condition I have – but on the plus side I did get a lot of writing done.  I’m still not quite finished with chapter one of my Harry Potter fanfiction, but a few people were interested so I’ll post it when I finish it, hopefully sometime tonight.  I’m very excited for this story.

I’m relaxed in my bedroom with a soothing cup of hot coffee, and all I have to do for the rest of the day is set up one little payment plan.  The rest of the day shall be devoted to story writing, which I enjoy.