I had a dream last night about a fancy, eccentric girl’s boarding school.  Characters from Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, and The Princess Diaries all made an appearance.  Then I had another dream that was basically Naruto meets Star Trek.

The money for textbooks still hasn’t arrived.  I’m getting more anxious.

And aside from a brief lunch break, all I did for the rest of the day was write.  I finished up the story notes for my Harry Potter fanfic before writing a grand total of eight and a half pages in tiny font.  I’m still not done, but I thought I’d update you on how my day has been.

I’m being creative and so it’s going great.

Side question: who would be interested if I posted chapters of my Harry Potter fanfic here as I wrote them?  Like this post or comment if you’d be interested in reading my fic, so I know if there’s any interest.

Here is the brief summary:

What if only one thing had changed about Harry Potter – his first name?  Could a simple name change really make that much of a difference to the storyline?  

Let me know if you’re interested!  Thanks!