I had a dream last night about a strange locust infestation at my Grandma’s house.  The locusts made people high and gave them the ability to fly.

I had to cancel my music lesson today.  I’m still not feeling well, pretty rundown.  I felt kinda guilty canceling plans again, but it was a necessary thing to do.  I called Doc, and we did make a new lessons schedule for the coming school year, so that’s accomplished.  Otherwise, he was just really nice and told me to take care of my health.  Starting next week when school comes, I’ll be having music lessons on my own Wednesdays after class.  For now, at least, my sister’s lesson will be right after mine.  She’s going to try flying solo for a while and see how she does.  Then we’ll go home together.

This officially means that I have classes, the gym, and music lessons all set up for next week when school starts.  I know how much my family needs to pay and my financial aid has been disbursed and everything.  I’m all set to go.

Now I just need to order textbooks and move into my new apartment.  I am kind of anxious – we have less than a week to get all that done in.  But right now we’re on hold, because my grandfather’s textbook money has to arrive in the mail at our house.  Then we can order books, and then we can move into the new apartment the following day.  It just feels like we’re pushing our luck.  What if we’re not left with enough time to get it all done in?

But I know that’s just my anxiety talking and I realize rationally that everything’s going to work out.  My parents are like the most super dependable people on the face of planet Earth.  Sometimes I just need someone to tell me that everything’s going to be okay.

Anyway.  We had sausage and hash for brunch.  I chilled with some music for a while.  Then I fanfic wrote for Harry Potter.  I’m exploring the concept of how much the story would have changed if just one difference had happened: Harry was born with the first name of a famous painter, Raphael.  I love AU stories, they’re my favorite aside from fem and female-centric stories.  I even gave Raphael a playlist on my iPod.  He’s all quiet and dark and fashionable and Goth and Ravenclaw and AAH I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS STORY, YOU GUYS!  I had so much fun relaxing and being creative today!

I’m the kind of person who can spend all day writing in her bedroom and literally have the time of her life.  🙂

I’m finished story planning, and now I’m off to help Mom fold some laundry.  Then perhaps some Netflix and reading?  I love the general plan for my story right now, and I want to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes before putting all available energies into the first story chapter tomorrow.  I don’t want to ruin anything by getting excited and writing now while being tired and mentally overwrought.

Besides, if I don’t stop myself, I can exhaust myself by writing for like ten hours straight.  It’s seven in the evening and the only other thing I’ve done all day is listen to music.  I have to stop at some point.