I had an upset stomach last night and it carried through into today.  I had lots of Stranger Things related dreams involving Eleven last night.

Today I looked up textbook prices and my fall billing statement for university.  I also got started on figuring out music lessons for over the school year.  As I predicted, I may be taking singular lessons or I may be the only one taking lessons period.  I was also the one who took the initiative and texted Doc about our new information.

Why am I always the only one who sustains any interest when it comes to creative projects?  I feel like it’s always that way, whether it’s with friends or with family.  I perpetually feel extremely alone, creatively.

I edited my workout playlist in preparation for the gym, but my stomach was still upset, so my sister made me chicken and beef flavored ramen with egg in it.  I tried to relax and watch the first season of Marcella on Netflix.

My aunt was kind of a dork today.  I put up a Facebook joke about suffering, and she took it entirely too seriously and wrote a paragraph-long comment outlining the Taoist view on suffering and the power of love.  She’s kind of an old hippie.  I appreciated the gesture, I guess, but it made me roll my eyes.  Sometimes a joke is just a joke.

My stomach took a turn for the worse after lunch, and I had to cancel my plans to go to the gym, which made me feel lazy.  I tried to relax in bed with some more Netflix.  On the plus side, I’m really liking Marcella.  I think it’s my new Netflix series.

I put on a sweater and slippers, eventually shuffled out to the living room, took some stomach medicine.  I read more of my latest book, Behind the Beautiful Forevers.

I guess it’s better that a stomach upset happen now than during the school year.

I went out shopping with my family in the early evening, just to get out of the house for a while.  I bought a Harley Quinn T-shirt and a caramel waffle cone frappuccino.  I added a cookbook on healthy non-processed foods to my Christmas and birthday wish list.  My sister bought Hawking’s A Brief History of Time and I asked to read it after she’s finished with it.