I slept in.  We had warm ramen with egg for lunch.

I got back to my daily music practice today – guitar and singing.  My sister and I had to come to a decision about who was singing and playing what for our songs, so I texted Doc and asked him what the difference is between lead and rhythm guitar.  He told us, and we decided that my sister will play lead, I will play rhythm, and we will harmonize our singing together.

I dealt with upcoming apartment and college stuff as well today.  One annoying thing happened.  I was scolded by both parents, one right after the other, for not walking my sister step by step through her upcoming school forms.  I’d shown her what to do and told her to ask me if she had any questions.  She has to eventually figure out how to do this stuff for herself.  I’m only going to be around for one more school year.

Anyway, I’ve been in kind of a bad mood for a large part of the day.  Music practice is the only thing that went well.  I think I’ll go try to lose myself in some reading and creative writing.

Me and my family are supposedly going shopping later.