I had a day out with my sister today.

We went to see Suicide Squad.  Like with Star Trek Beyond, I didn’t see why everyone disliked it so much.  You ever played Cards Against Humanity?  This one’s my favorite:

“And the award for being a whiny little bitch goes to the entire Internet.”

Why are people so whiny this year?  And reviewers, don’t even get me started.  It’s like saying, “I bitch for a living.  What do you do?”

Sorry about the mini-rant.  I’m just so sick of people telling me what I’m not going to like.

The most I would say is that I didn’t like Harley Quinn’s “normal is a setting on a dryer” speech.  I don’t know if it was the writing or the acting, but it felt out of character and forced.  I also would have liked a little more back story on her early period with the Joker.  They cut one of the most interesting parts of the movie… out of the movie.

Honestly.  We needed more back story for why Harley’s a weapon-wielding lunatic than “she fell in love and they went zap on her brain once.”  It felt like they were telling us instead of showing us.

Anyway, after the movie me and my sister went shopping.  We found a nice local mall, with some good clothing boutiques and a nifty little combined cafe/bookstore.

Then our parents came to pick us up and the whole family went out to a classy Italian place and got wood-fired pizza.  Thin crust, made with olive oil, and entirely delicious.  Yet again, there was a wood decor theme.  You see that a lot around the Pacific Northwest.

Back at home, I paid this next month’s rent for me and my sister’s apartment, washed my gym clothes and bathrobe in the laundry, and bought some new music.  Jessie J, Marina and the Diamonds, and Melanie Martinez.  I’m building up my Sakura fanfic character’s playlist.  Next up, next time I go to the store and get an iTunes gift card, is some bouncy K pop and J pop.

And I’m off to go listen to music and story-edit.  I have some writing I want to look over.  Till next time!