My sister and I had a music lesson today.  We did guitar tuning and vocal exercises, but we also worked on concrete song-related stuff for the first time.  We copied down a basic strum pattern and two chords to switch between for “Daydreaming” by Paramore, and will be working on the vocals for both “Daydreaming” and “The Only Exception.”  Vocals and guitar will be separate – for now.

I wrote fanfiction for several hours.  There was still the sounds of a rainstorm coming from above.  I finished writing and opened the blinds of my bedroom with some music to watch the rain.  I bought some new music – some K pop – and I longed for more.

My family and I saw Star Trek Beyond tonight in theaters.  I don’t get what all the bitching was about from reviewers.  It was a good movie.  Just a good, fun, simple movie.  Nice humor, good action, concrete plot.  So it wasn’t some existential masterpiece.  Who cares? It was just a good movie.

How many months into 2016 did it take for us to come upon one of those?

RIP Anton and Leonard Nimoy.  Teary face.

(I’ve added an iTunes gift card and all 3 Star Trek movies to my Christmas and birthday wish list.)