My parents woke up in terrible moods.  They won’t really talk about what’s wrong.  My default reaction is always to hide in my room – I’ve had years of experience with moody relatives.

I wrote my daily poem, did my daily music practice.  I’m not nearly as experienced at finger picking as I am at strumming, but I’m getting there.

I also helped my sister with her music practice today – it’s the first time she’s practiced all week and our next lesson is tomorrow.  She doesn’t seem to want to make music a priority.  How is she even going to last when school starts again?  I tried to intimate to her today that she needs to make music practice a small, regular part of her life.

We did decide that every time we learn a new chord, we should ask to learn all the chords in that key, so we can switch thoughtlessly through various keys during practice.  A stroke of genius, if I do say so myself!  Learning chords should be so much easier that way than it used to be.

I’ve texted my guitar teacher about it.  I sent him a random late-night text.  I have to try to curtail myself from doing that to people, or else I’d be doing it all the damn time.  I just have so many thoughts at night!

He texted back and said we are going to learn all the chords for all the keys, basically.  And I will have documentation of all of them.  Which is completely awesome to me.  I’m so excited!  He’s going to teach me how to strum and to finger pick all the chords!  No one’s ever done that for me before, guys!

We had corned beef hash and eggs for brunch.  I juggled all four readings today – both comics, my book, and my latest Entertainment Weekly issue.  I also fanfic-wrote for several straight hours, and finished season one of Stranger Things on Netflix.  I thought it was really clever the way they seemed to leave the show slightly open – so that there can be a next season, or not be a next season.  That was very carefully done.

As a writer myself, I do appreciate.

I can’t wait for the next season!