There was a thunderstorm this morning.  I lay in bed for a while, listening to the thunder and the rain.  Then I had coffee on the front porch with my family, watching the vast expanse of grey clouds in the sky from its safe cover.

I called the local pharmacy today.  I feel much better on the meds at my parents’ pharmacy than I do on the meds at my college-town pharmacy, which confuses me, because they’re both from the same brand and the same chain of stores.  I emailed my psychiatrist and I called the pharmacist and none of them can understand why I’m feeling better under what is virtually the exact same medications either.

But hey, why mess with what works?  I could just get the meds at my parents’ pharmacy from now on.  They’re up here now, and it’s not too far away.

My mother theorizes that it could just be that I feel more secure at my parents’ place.  That environmental factors could be playing an influence.

We had steak and eggs for brunch.  I wrote my daily poem, did my daily music practice.  I did my laundry, helped around the house with chores.  I read a bit from my latest book, Emancipated, and from my latest Entertainment Weekly issue.

I also did fanfic writing.  For hours.  And I quite enjoyed myself!  I’m still working on my most recent story idea, Anko-training-Sakura for Naruto, and so far it’s going great.  I’ve even made a playlist for my version of the Sakura character, which I like to do for some of the favorite characters I create.