Another dream: Me and the people in the van continued on our journey last night.  All the members of My Chemical Romance were there, as were my father and his brothers, and we went to my living grandmother’s house.

This morning, I had coffee with my family on my parents’ front porch looking out over the surrounding mountains.

I wrote another poem, did my daily music practice.  I’m not perfect in either case, not by any means, but I’m practicing and I’m getting there.

I looked up show times for a movie I want to see in theaters later this week.

I had lunch, and then I snacked, watched another episode of Stranger Things on Netflix, and did some reading.  I’ve decided to alternate my reading, scheduling it to specific days: one day I’ll read comics and manga, the next my latest book and magazine, and I just go back and forth between the two.

Today was a comics and manga day, and it inspired me to write some fanfiction.  (I’m still working on the Anko-trains-Sakura storyline for Naruto.)  Which, by the way, is all most comics are anyway.  Like, what is it when a new writer gets to write stories under someone else’s old characters… except fanfiction?  Too bad I can’t draw worth for shit, I could have become a comic book writer.  Manga’s rules are a bit different; the two really aren’t the same thing.  And obviously, there are also comics that use new characters and storylines that no one else has thought up before.

But a lot of the bigger stuff is just allowed fanfiction.

I helped my Mom with some chores today, and I helped my Dad make steak and jasmine rice for dinner.