Our retired drunk day-drinker neighbor came over bothering us twice today.  I wasn’t outside when he showed up either time, but apparently he really embarrassed himself and was actually pretty disturbing.  Why do all the retired people I know either never do anything, or spend all day drinking?  Or both?  Retirement is bad for your mental health, methinks.  He was so rude we’re actually going to have to tell him he can’t come around anymore.  He’s an overly flirtatious, alcoholic asshole.

I wrote my fourteenth poem today.  I still can’t decide what to do with my thirteenth.  Did my usual music practice.  I’m still practicing guitar and singing a little bit each day.

There was a great battle to find my sister’s gym clothes today.  We are going to go work out at the gym tomorrow.

I’ve been fiddling around with the “about me” section of this blog a lot, while I still have time over the summer.  I know once the school year hits, all my free time will suddenly vanish, so I’m getting the blog established while I still have the chance.

I had lunch.  Listened to music and did some snacking.  Watched another episode of Stranger Things on Netflix.  Read 14 more pages in Emancipated – might read more later.

The struggle to find my sister’s gym clothes and our alcoholic neighbor aside, it’s been a pretty normal day.