This morning for brunch, me and my family had coffee and scrambled eggs with chorizo, sausage, bell pepper, onion, and mushroom.  My Dad, who is an amazing chef, whipped up the entire thing in less than half an hour.  It was delicious.  We got the eggs – which were organic – from our next door neighbors, who raise chickens.

I looked up some concert ticket prices today and immediately went, “Hell no.”  Like, it was a reflex.  I just said out loud, “Well, I won’t be going to that.”  It literally took less than five seconds.

I did another solo music practice session.  I have devised a system for my attention span problem.  I play the guitar till I get frustrated.  Then I do three vocal exercises per day.  Then I go back to my guitar until I get frustrated again.

And I just plan on doing that every day.

I did my laundry, dealt with the student loan shit from yesterday.  I’m actually not too badly in debt compared to some people my age.  I’ll have to pay off 20 to 30 thousand by the time I get out, which is really pretty good.  The grants and scholarships help, as do my amazing family, who really want me to get a bachelor’s degree.

I watched another episode of Stranger Things because I haven’t been this addicted to a show in quite a while.  It seems to combine elements of horror, sci fi, crime drama, and family drama/coming of age tale.  Those are four of my favorite genres, so I’m really enjoying it a lot.  It starts with an experiment gone wrong in a small-town laboratory in the 80’s; then local people start to go missing and are found dead – or at least, they seem to be.

Check it out.  It’s worth watching.

I also finished reading my current book today, Girl At War by Sara Novic.  I would recommend it to others; it was a good read.  Here’s the summary to give you a taste and get you interested:

Part coming-of-age tale, part war saga, part story of love and memory, Girl At War is a debut novel at once haunting and hopeful, written with the power of truth.

In 1991, Ana Juric is a carefree ten-year-old, living with her family in a small apartment in Croatia’s capital.  But that year, civil war breaks out across Yugoslavia, and Ana’s idyllic childhood and sense of safety start to fray.  When the conflict arrives at her doorstep, Ana must find her way in a dangerous world.

Ten years later, Ana is a college student in Manhattan.  Though she’s tried to move on from her past, she can’t escape her memories of war.  Haunted by her secrets, Ana returns to Croatia, hoping to make peace with her country’s difficult history and the events that forever changed her family and the trajectory of her life.

Light reading, right?  The book is divided up into four parts.  Parts one and three are about ten-year-old Ana during the war, parts two and four are about twenty-year-old Ana after the war.  It’s rich in detail, realistic in both the ugly way and the beautiful way (at different points), and highly emotional.  You really come to know Ana’s world, and the hideous nature of war and how it destroys families and lives.

Anyway, I still have a gigantic To Be Read pile, so now I guess it’s on to the next book on the list.

I gotta go get bipolar meds tonight – it’s a perpetual, never-ending problem.  I also feel this weird, irrational guilt and anxiety because I didn’t help with chores today.  My mother has trained me well.