I had a bizarre dream last night wherein an insect spiritual guide led Artemis Fowl to a place in the sky where a blonde girl helped him bring a massive serpentine ice dragon out of his soul.  Think Hyourinmaru from Bleach.  It was like a goddamn drug trip.  I’ve had “Air Balloon” by Lily Allen stuck in my head all day, too.  It’s been a weird day.

I sent an old friend birthday wishes on Facebook today and hoped to God it wasn’t awkward.  I feel like half my activity on Facebook consists of me hoping to God things aren’t awkward.

I got a piece of mail about a student loan, so I ripped it open and gave it to Mom because I hate shit like that, and she got very annoyed with me.

I read through my latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, and read some from my latest book, Girl At War by Sara Novic, which I’ve almost finished.  I also listened to music and snacked, pretty much perpetually all afternoon.

I helped my Mom with chores for a while, and then did music practice.  I’ve promised to do once alone – that was earlier today – and then once again with my sister, so I can help her.

I watched another episode of Stranger Things on Netflix in my bedroom – slightly guiltily, because I’d promised I’d watch it with my mother.  But I got impatient to see what happened next, so I watched ahead.  I’ll just watch the previous episodes again with my Mom.  It’s still an awesome show, by the way.

I helped more with chores, and I’m done for the day.  I have to get the rest of my bipolar meds later when we go out to get dinner.