Mom and Dad left me at home today, they said for superficial reasons but I think also because of how depressed I was acting last night.

I enjoyed the morning to myself in my pajamas with the news and some coffee.  Then I got dressed, put on one of my big comfy sweaters, and read some from my latest book.

I did lots humdrum, relaxing, everyday stuff.  Getting the mail for Mom while they were out, opening up the window blinds to let sunlight through, letting the dog out for a while.

I made myself lunch – a peanut butter sandwich, two Oreos, and a bowl of four-cheese Cheezits.

Some neighbors came by asking about a lost cat.  I said no one in my family had seen anything, but we’d keep an eye out.

Then I tried out Stranger Things on Netflix with the blinds closed and my shoes off.  I think I actually like it better than Orange is the New Black, which always made me slightly nervous and uncomfortable.  The Internet strikes again.  (It introduced me to Beyoncé’s Lemonade too.)


Current book: Girl At War by Sara Novic

Current Netflix show: Stranger Things

It’s been so nice having the house quiet and to myself all day.  I’ve been keeping up with my family through text.