I slept in this morning and then had a couple of cups of coffee.

I was alone in the house for most of the morning and early afternoon, so I got to read the news and my book and listen to music alone in the quiet.  It was nice and relaxing.

I’m still counseling my friend via text.

When my family got back, a made a couple of Official Phone Calls – one for the move out of my old apartment, one to order the latest round of my bipolar meds.  I was out of refills on one, so I also had to send an email off to my psychiatrist.

For dinner, my family and I went out to a restaurant and had burgers and milkshakes.  It was one of those weird nights when guys looked at me as I passed a lot.  I’ll go through periods where I get lots of attention from guys, and then other periods where I get absolutely none.  And this time it was after I went through my period, so it’s not like I’m ovulating or some bizarre and biological crap like that either.

I dunno.  Guys are weird.

We stopped by the pharmacy to get three of my meds later (I’m on four currently).  I accidentally told the pharmacist to shred all my extra papers because I’ve taken these meds like a million times before, and then Mom got annoyed with me because it turned out she’d wanted the paperwork for tax purposes.  Oops.  At least I kept the receipts?

We went back home after that.  Me and my sister are using one computer charger because we poor.  I’d sneakily unplugged her computer and plugged in mine before we left, so I snuck back in and plugged in her computer again.  I’m living life on the edge, guys.

We did music practice.  I made a lot of good progress, I think, especially on the guitar, but my sister quickly got frustrated.  I would say it’s because of a disorder she has, but she actually got most frustrated at the things her disorder wouldn’t affect.  Like, she tried playing the guitar for five minutes, and then she got angry because her fingers hurt.

And it’s like… if I’d gotten frustrated that easily with music years ago, I wouldn’t be a musician?  I played till my fingers bled and there were blisters all over them and I honestly kind of enjoyed it.  I tried to reassure her, but it didn’t seem to have much effect.  Finally, I told her to put the guitar down and practice it again later – to practice in short spurts, but several times a day.  She put the guitar down, but I’m honestly not sure she’ll pick it back up again till I announce our next session.

She even left to go do something else right in the middle of our music session.  She left me sitting there for at least ten minutes.  -.-‘

I at least made good progress, and want to be doing this, and I’ll just have to focus on that.

I’m hoping maybe for a hot, soothing cup of tea tonight.