I got to sleep in today, so hooray for that.  When I woke up, our pets – the cat and dog – came up to me to say good morning.

I spent the first part of the morning talking a friend through something via text.

Then I had coffee on the front porch swing with my family, with still-messy hair and slippers, blinking sleepily.  A friendly neighbor came over to say hello.  The rooster was crowing next door (there are lots of farm animals around my Mom and Dad’s house).  We could see and hear distant lightning and thunder, and there was a flat expanse of dark clouds in the sky from our covered porch.  I managed to make my family laugh a couple of times, and I always like it when I can do that.

I read the news inside with a lovely window view of green trees.

Then my family left for a while, and I got to spend time in the empty, silent house.  I listened to music, and read my latest book: Girl At War by Sara Novic.  I also did some solo music practice: guitar and singing.

My family came back and we had lunch (chicken pot pies).  I also made some phone calls around this time.  I found out what I need to do for voting this November, and I arranged a final walk-through for me and my sister’s old apartment.  Nobody at the apartment management company answered at first, but we just kept calling till somebody did.  We found out something interesting – our current landlady, the one we’ve been having problems with?  She’s been let go.  Apparently we weren’t the only ones having problems.

I helped my Mom with some chores in the afternoon.

We went to a pizza place for dinner – restaurant style.  There was lots of wood decor in the restaurant, along with animal, winter sports, and nature themes.  They had big fake trees in the center of the restaurant.  The serving sucked, but the food was good.  We had two pizzas – one was a Reuben pizza, and the other had fajita chicken, smoky bacon, and alfredo sauce.

Now I’m back at home.  We brought back a late-night snack of deep fried mac n cheese bites from the pizza place.  There’s also a summer thunderstorm going on outside – the rain from this morning finally hit – which is just awesome when you don’t have to be out in it.

Tonight I’m thinking a warm shower and another episode of Orange is the New Black, maybe a bit more reading.

PS: My Mom implied today that I am good at witty repartee.  This pleased but confused me, because I have never thought of myself as a particularly funny person.  Must examine this further.