I am a woman with body hair.

I rarely shave my legs or armpits unless the hair on my body is making me itchy or I’m going to be swimming in the summertime.  I wear leggings and sleeve shirts, so this is never a problem.

I have never shaved my pubic hair, and I have never waxed.  I use a small razor instead of plucking when it comes to my eyebrow hair.  Even the hair on my head is cut short and easy to take care of.

Everything about the way I treat the hair on my body is built for comfort.  I keep it clean, but I always make sure I’m comfortable.  I’m not saying that makes me superior to other women; I’m just saying that’s how I do.

If you’re a woman like me and you’ve heard unwelcome comments from men about body hair over your lifetime, this is just the article for you.  How do you respond without swearing, flipping them off, or plucking their eyes out?  This lovely lady tells ya.

Here it is:

On Female Body Hair