I filled out a health insurance form for my university today.  Woohoo exciting.

I also did more story writing.  As I get into the meat and heart of the story, I struggle with making Sakura’s training detailed without making it an info dump.  In other words, I have to do a story about Sakura’s growth that includes training, not do a story about Sakura’s training that includes growth.

Anyway.  I had lunch, a Danish, and coffee at Starbucks with my sister.  Then we headed off to the school gym.

I went slow but kept a steady pace throughout the entire hour I was working out.  I have a whole workout playlist on my iPod – the current song number is at 123.  ‘Cause you’ve gotta listen to music that gets you pumped, ya know?  There was a nice guy working at the gym who, when he overheard me worrying that the gym was going to be closed soon, silently kept the lights on for us so we could finish our workout.

Nice added side note: I got lots of walking in today, going from place to place without a car.

I’m sweaty and my legs hurt, but I’m gonna go finish up my laundry and then take a nice relaxing shower and get into my PJ’s.  My sunburn isn’t that bad – it doesn’t really hurt or itch and it looks less red today.  So that’s good.

All in all, I feel much better today.  I think it’s how busy I kept myself, and the endorphin release I got from working out.