Today I took a nice, peaceful walk on a sunny Saturday morning around the farmer’s market with my sister.  I even got a sunburn!  Yay, sunburn for summer!

We looked at the fresh organic food and the art on display.  We bought sweets and raspberry lemonade at different stalls as we walked around the streets, strolling underneath the different tents.  There were flowers and plants everywhere, and the market had little red carts you could pull around after you full of your goods.  There was even live music playing.

We stopped to sit in the shade, have our snacks, and pet some puppies who came along on little leashes.  We also bought a dog toy for our own dog back at home.

Then we took a walk through the rest of downtown, the places farmer’s market hadn’t invaded.  We stopped by the bookstore, and the pub and coffeehouse.

When we went back home, we took a break and then did music practice.  We discovered the interesting fact that my sister prefers the guitar, while I prefer singing.  The guitar is great and everything, but that high I get when I’m singing?  There’s nothing else like it.

I also did plenty of lovely story writing today.  So all in all, sunburn aside, it was a good day.