I felt much better today – more in control, philosophical, and level headed.  Everything seemed much more solvable.

I got back into my fanfiction writing today!  I love interesting female characters and complex female-to-female character relationships.  Right now I’m writing for the anime and manga Naruto.  My current project explores what would happen if Anko were to take Sakura out of the Academy early on, and train her personally in place of her Academy training.  (I’m also pretending the Haruno clan are genjutsu specialists, because it just makes sense.)  This makes for a stronger, more interesting Sakura, and a cool student-mentor relationship between Sakura and Anko.  Sakura will still be put on Team Seven and will still be trained by Tsunade and Shizune, but she will be a vastly different Sakura.

Eventually Sakura will be paired with Gaara, because Sasuke treats everybody including his girlfriends and wives like crap, and Gaara is Teh Awesome – especially after he has some sense beaten into him in the Chuunin Exams.

In the immortal words of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged: “It elevated him from a nine out of ten to a nine and a half out of ten!”  I plan on elevating him to a ten out of ten in my story, tee hee.

In all seriousness, though, I’m so damn excited for this story.  I already wrote for two hours today and I plan on more.  If I’m excited for a story idea, I can sustain that level of writing for months without harming my health.

I eventually plan on writing two more stories with the same concept, except one focuses on Ino, and one focuses on Hinata.

On to other things.  I spent some time today trying to figure out absentee voter stuff.  This upcoming November election is too important to miss.  I sent off some emails and looked up some forms.

On the note of politics, I have a lot of respect for Ted Cruz right now.  He stuck to his guns, and “vote for your conscience” is great advice.  I kind of wish he was the Republican candidate right now.  At least he has some common decency and stands up for what he feels is right.

I don’t trust Clinton, but it says a lot that I’d vote for Clinton over Trump.  Trump is a power-hungry egomaniac celebrity who goes broke regularly and will say whatever it takes to get elected.  The idea of him running the United States of America genuinely frightens me.  That completely puts aside the fact that all signs point to him being a pretty terrible person.

I did an hour’s worth of music practice with my sister today.  We experimented with some picking and finger strengthening exercises for the guitar, and then when we got frustrated with that we switched to singing for a while.  We sang along to our assigned songs and tried to get all the notes right and harmonize together.  Then we had Oreos afterward to celebrate the fact that we’re all awesome practicing musicians and stuff.  We figure, an hour’s worth of practice every day isn’t bad, right?

Our current property management company – the one we’re leaving – is still being childish.  They called my sister during her music lesson to schedule a final walk through of the apartment, and when we told them later they needed to talk to our parents because our parents are helping to arrange our move and would know more about the logistics right now than we would, they were all like, “Well YOUR PARENTS have to call US.”

It’s like, what are you, five?  I gave you my parents’ phone numbers and gave them permission to speak on my behalf.  You already called US.

You know why they want to talk to us and not our parents, though?  Because our parents have been doing this longer and are therefore more proactive, detail oriented, and questioning.  My parents are also where the money is coming from right now in my life.  They can’t bully our parents.

My sister and I took a walk down to the grocery store and made a grocery store trip, carrying all our bags back home by foot.  Finding out where we would get the money to pay for our groceries was kind of stressful – I hate buying groceries, and I hate buying bipolar medicine, because I never feel like I have enough for either one – but on the plus side we’re done shopping for anything through the weekend.  We got it all done today.

I put away the groceries since my sister was most of the muscle carrying them home.  (She used to do weight lifting and I’m a wimp.)  I’m not always successful, but I do try to make sure our division of chores is even.  Every evening, she does half the kitchen cleaning chores and I do the other half, for example.  And we both change the toilet paper roll, and we each do our own separate laundry and bed-making.

I am armed for tonight:

Current book: Girl At War by Sara Novic

Current Netflix: Orange is the New Black

Current magazines: Entertainment Weekly and BP Magazine