Okay.  Let me just get this off my chest so I can move on with my day and my life.

The MCR video from yesterday was just a publicity stunt so they could get lots of attention put on a re release of old stuff for the anniversary of The Black Parade.  It was just announced this morning.  And you know what?  I’m not actually that upset.  I’m not angry.  I’m not crying.  In fact, I’m a little relieved.  I can now come down off my anxious-ecstatic cloud of hopefulness, normalize my bipolar mood swings, calm the hell down, and go back to my ordinary life.

No, I’m not upset.  What I am, is disappointed.

I would have expected something like this from a company like Warner Bros.  Companies love shitting on fan bases to make money.  Getting fans’ hopes up for a reunion tour so they could raise awareness and sell T-shirts sounds exactly like something a company would do.  Even Hot Topic spreading rumors to sell merchandise is just another corporation at work.

What I would not have expected this from, is the band members.

The band members, you ask?  Oh, that’s right.  They aren’t innocent.  They were watching all the craziness happen all day yesterday – it’s been top trending for almost two days straight.  They were all posting on social media.  None of them said a thing.  None of them assured the fans that of course the band isn’t getting back together.  Besides that?  They must have known this whole fiasco was happening MONTHS in advance.

And they all just went along with the marketing stunt, silently and arm-in-arm with the corporation.  Why?  So they could make money.  They went along with the machine and signed little pieces of paper, standing back off to the side while Warner Bros shit on their fans.

The reason why this bothers me, is because I respected and admired those boys.  They always marketed themselves as these very anti-establishment people.  And now they have become the people they complained about in “Disenchanted.”

I’m studying business and I think what they did to their fans is shitty.

I’m not buying MCR X, and I’ve lost all respect for them as people.  I’m not wearing their T shirts or sweaters anymore; I’m not advertising for them.  I might follow their music in a distant sort of way, but it’s like it’s been ruined for me.  I no longer have any attachment to them anymore.

I guess it’s not so much that they’ve ruined my idea of them.  It’s that they’ve ruined an ideal – of mine.  You treat your fans well, or you don’t call yourself an artist.

Yes, I am disappointed.  They are no longer a part of my inner world.

Oh well.  Life goes on.

I need a little bit of Taylor Swift’s “White Horse” right now.