So My Chemical Romance, which broke up years ago, released a teaser video for something today.  All it was, was a black and white flag flying, with “The Black Parade” playing in the background, and a date for the middle of September of this year.  Everyone’s saying the symbol on the flag looks like a resurrection cross.

The Internet proceeded to explode.

Let me just preface this by saying I think I understand why they broke up.  They sounded really tired toward the end.  Not bad or untalented, just tired, like their heart wasn’t in it anymore.  But they’re still one of the best bands ever.  An outright breakup seems… a little extreme.  Maybe like a hiatus?

Anyway, they’re probably not getting back together, and they’re probably just re releasing old stuff for an anniversary or something, and everyone is trying to tell themselves that, and it’s doing nothing to crush our fledgling hopes.

By the way: Wouldn’t it be funny if they were just punking us and it all turned out to be a big gag?  Granted, that would be horrible, but wouldn’t it be hilarious?

Anyway, me and my sister saw the video and we did this thing where we like silently screamed for a full minute.  We opened our mouths and we meant to scream but no sound came out.  Then we tried to take deep breaths and reassure ourselves it’s probably nothing.  Then we saw that the MCR Twitter page had deleted their band breakup Tweet, and we sat there trying to figure out how the hell MCR could be getting back together when Frank’s going on tour and Mikey’s just released a new album.  We literally had this conversation while I was on the toilet because it could not wait.  Fuck shitting, I had urgent business to attend to related to music.

Then we listened to “The Black Parade” because come on.  Every time I listen to that song, God, it takes me back to high school.  All the actually good parts of high school.  Rock concerts and lunch sessions in the art classroom with my dorky friends and parties where that song was blasted and everybody knew all the words.  I saw MCR in concert once, while I was in high school.  I was like 14, 15.  It was an outdoor concert on the grass at night.  It was at the first Projekt Revolution festival.  It was probably one of the best nights of my young teenage life.  That was the first time I ever saw a big group of teenagers smoke pot, and there was like this couple making out in the grass next to us and they never looked up once throughout the entire concert so it’s like what’s the point?  Eventually they disappeared and my friend and I joked that they’d exploded from lack of oxygen.  (Because that’s totally how it works.)  Someone threw underwear at Gerard while he was on stage and he picked it up and showed to the audience like he’d just scalped some warrior’s head.  “Huh huh.  Cool,” he said, and then dropped it and went back to what he was doing.  And I laughed for like five minutes because isn’t that totally what some ordinary asshole guy would do if girls were throwing underwear at him at a rock concert?  At least G is honest.

So every time I hear that song now, that’s what I think of.  High school.  “The Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance and “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift always remind me of high school.  (I may have been interested in a guy who liked my friend who didn’t like him… it was complicated.  He turned out to be an asshole, though, so I lucked out.)  I was a 2011 graduate.

Anyway, I couldn’t sit around and dwell on MCR all day.  I bought a new song: “Sit Still, Look Pretty” by Daya.  Because fuck yeah.  I am not a Barbie girl.  In fact as a little kid I used to pull the heads off my Barbies and switch them with each other.  Then I went off to cheat at Yu-Gi-Oh and play dinosaurs with my sister.  I was a weird little girl.

I dealt with a utilities call for our upcoming apartment.  I’m usually the one who handles the emails and phone calls for apartment-related stuff.  I’m a better writer and talker, and I get less nervous.

Then I took the bus downtown to go to the Food Co-Op with my sister.  The Food Co-Op is a massive vegetarian health food hippie type place.  The walk there through downtown was nice.  It was sunny out, and the fountain was trickling, and kids were playing on the jungle gym, and people were passing by shopping in the streets.  The Food Co-Op is a big, cluttered, eclectic place with lots of eccentric colors and round shapes and big industrial lamps.  They have paintings and photographs on the walls and flowers on the tables in their cafe section.  It’s the kind of place that works on the honor system – at a small town hippie store, they just trust you to pay for your goods.

We got coffee at the cafe, and then met my closest friend there to go shopping.  The one who’s the wife of a professor at my school?  She’s a cute little person with short dark hair in casual clothes.   She loves Coke Zero, orcas, and the color blue.  We sat at the cafe for a while and caught up, laughing and chatting.  She’s been having some health problems.  I won’t go into details – it’s her business.  She seemed glad we were back in town.  I think she was more upset than she let on when we left to go be with our family for a month.  Anyway, I made sure she knows we care about her and wish her well, and I guess that’s all I can do.

We shopped around the Food Co-Op, eventually buying soup, cottage cheese, and ingredients for a Mexican chicken dinner.  Then we did more downtown shopping.  We visited a pawn shop and a bookstore, where I bought a book because I literally cannot leave a bookstore without a book in my hands.

I wasn’t feeling well by that point.  I think it was my period.  As I’ve said before, I have an overly tilted uterus and sometimes during periods it presses on my front and back abdominal lining.  I explained my problem, and that I needed to go home – I’d tried toughing it out for a while, but it wasn’t working and I was mostly just sitting down a lot – and so my friend was nice enough to call a cab to pick me up and take me home.

I got the weird feeling my friend was upset with me about something all day.  Is that all just in my head?  Am I taking a problem she’s having and building it up in my head to where it’s about me?  I can’t tell.  It’s frustrating.

I am armed for tonight:

Book: Girl At War by Sara Novic

Netflix: Orange is the New Black

Magazines: Entertainment Weekly and BP Magazine

And I have a brand-new song to listen to!

PS: People on Twitter claim there are new MCR T-shirts at Hot Topic.  I mean… they have photographic evidence and everything.  Hot Topic keeps ReTweeting things saying the band is back together.

Jhonen Vasquez is doing more Invader Zim, MCR is coming out with new stuff, and I just got a Johnny Depp movie from my friend (Black Mass).  I am officially a teenager again.  In the immortal words of one Facebook user:

“Pokemon is popular, blink 182 released an album, MCR teasing something, Tarzan in the theaters, a Clinton running for presidency, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS 90’s/EARLY 2000’s THROWBACK SHIT!?!?!”

Good Charlotte is even coming out with stuff.  Like, what the hell.

How did MCR keep this a secret for so long?  That’s damned impressive.  What, did they threaten to murder anyone who told on them?

PPS: I just thought… if they’re not getting back together, why haven’t any of the band members said anything yet?  It’s like the top thing trending on Facebook.  Why leave such a cryptic message and then let fan speculations run wild… if it’s nothing?  Three of the band members have made social media posts since the news broke.  It’s not like they’re not seeing this.